IMAST 2019: Debating the benefits and risks of spinal navigation

Bernhard Meyer (Munich, Germany) and Henry Halm (Neustadt, Germany) discuss spinal navigation — specifically any increased risk in radiation exposure and if that risk is offset by the potential benefit of an increase in precision of pedicle screw placement. The two physicians took part in a debate at IMAST 2019 (17 – 20 July, Amsterdam, The Netherlands) that was designed to examine the pros and cons of spinal navigation. Both surgeons agree that the costs associated with navigation will need to be brought down significantly to see more widespread adoption.

Halm does not believe that spinal navigation confers an advantage for experienced surgeons in the scenario of open repair, but Meyer iterates that his main message focuses on the advantages of the system in the world of minimally invasive treatment, which is still a new world for many.

Halm, Henry

Henry Halm is internationally recognized as a leader in the surgical management of all kinds of spinal deformities in both children and adults. German Board Certified Orthopedic Spine Surgeon with over 25 years of experience in the field of spine surgery, he is Chief of Spine Surgery at the Centre for Scoliosis Kilinikum, Neustadt, Germany. Once elected as one of Germany’s top 50 spine surgeons from a pool of 2,000 candidates across the country by the professional journal of Orthopedic News “Orthopädische Nachrichten,” Professor Halm is also deputy chief of the “German Association of Orthopedics and Orthopedic surgery” and an advisory member of the international high ranking journals “European Spine Journal” and “Spine Arthroplasty Society Journal”. His publications and teaching activities are innumerable and he works closely with the Neuro Spinal Hospital to bring patients in the region the latest advancements in the management of spine deformities without the need to travel abroad for treatment.

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