ECHSA 2019: Shape matters and is an innovation

Martin Kostelka (Leipzig, Germany), who was the first to use the CardioCel 3D (Admedus) product after it was recently CE marked in Germany, talks to Cardiovascular News about his experience where he implanted the 3D scaffold in a small child, a procedure which provided “optimal results” and was “really like a miracle”.

Kostelka says that CardioCel 3D provides “the best flow patterns” and other numerous benefits, including kinking, crimping, laminar flow “without any turbulences” and also allows surgeons to go “close to the design of the vessels”.

He adds that the innovative shape helps CardioCel to provide “even more optimality of the reconstruction” and as such offers an “enormous benefit in terms of life quality of the patient”.

Kostelka, who was speaking at the annual ECHSA 2019 meeting (European Congenital Heart Surgeons Association; 20–22 June; Sofia, Bulgaria) hopes for further trialling of the product, in order to convince fellow surgeons “with the facts”.

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Kostelka, Martin

Martin Kostelka, MD, PhD, is Professor of Paediatric Cardiac Surgery and Head of the Paediatric Cardiac Surgery Unit, Department of Cardiac Surgery, Herzzentrum, University Hospital Leipzig, Germany. Since he graduated in medicine in 1984 from the Medical Faculty of Charles University, Prague, Czech Republic, he has worked in hospitals such as Great Ormond Street Hospital, London, UK and hospitals in Leipzig, Prague, the United States and Kuwait.

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