ESMINT 2019: Neuroradiology has seen “dramatic changes” from the early days

Jacques Moret (Paris, France) talks to BLearning Neuro about his presentation titled ‘Past, present and future of neuroradiology’ at ESMINT 2019 (European Society of Minimally Invasive Neurological Therapy; 4–6 September 2019; Nice, France).

Moret says that the discipline of neuroradiology was, in the beginning, “severely criticised by the neurosurgical environment”. Since then however, he notes that devices have evolved and the understanding of the disease and also the way to treat the disease have all “dramatically changed”, adding that interventional neuroradiology is both a well-established discipline but also a very attractive one.

In regards to the future, Moret clarified to BLearning that he believes it is difficult to see a true breakthrough in terms of new devices, with the exception of robotics. He clarified that he thinks the field of interventional neuroradiology will keep on growing because the philosophy of performing minimal invasive procedures is, in his view, the future.

Moret notes that the devices themselves, including stents and flow diverters, are evolving steadily rather than dramatically. He says that despite a move towards delivery through smaller catheters, changes to the devices themselves has remained “light”.

Moret, Jacques

Jacques Moret is Professor and honorary chairman of Interventional Neuroradiology at NEURI, the Brain Vascular Center, Bicetre University Hospital in Paris, France. He was previously Professor of Radiology at Baylor College of Medicine, Houston, USA (1989–1994). He is the former chairman at the Department of Interventional Neuroradiology, Foundation Rothschild Hospital, Paris, France (1994–2010). He is also a former chairman at the Department Of Interventional Neuroradiology, Beaujon University, Hospital Clichy, Paris, France (2011–2015).

He is a Founding Member of ABC-W.I.N. (Working Group In Interventional Neuroradiology); a Member of the Societe Francaise de Neuroradiologie; a Member of the European Society of Neuroradiology; a Member of the American Society of Neuroradiology and a Member of European Society of Minimally Invasive Neurological Therapy (ESMINT), where he was president between 2008 and 2010.

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