COVID-19: No evidence of increased aortic emergencies in Lombardy

Roberto Chiesa (Milan, Italy), who was at the frontline of the COVID-19 pandemic in the Lombardy region of Italy, shares his team’s experience in tackling vascular and aortic emergencies during this time. Chiesa outlines the response in the region...

VEITH 2019: Abre venous stent study baseline demographic data presented

Stephen Black (London, UK) talks to VEITHtv about how the dedicated venous open-cell nitinol Abre stent (Medtronic) compares with other venous nitinol stents available, noting that it is very easy to use, has good flexibility attributes and a “good...

COVID-19: The role of vascular surgeons—A New York centre perspective

Thomas Maldonado and Michael Barfield, both of NYU Langone Health (New York, USA), share their experiences of the coronavirus outbreak and discuss how the skills of vascular surgeons can be best utilised during the COVID-19 pandemic. Maldonado says...

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