Quality assurance in spine surgery has direct bearing on patient wellbeing

Frank Kandziora (Frankfurt, Germany), the 2018 president of EUROSPINE, the Spine Society of Europe, tells Spinal News International that assuring quality in spine surgery is a cornerstone of patient care.

IVANOS study reveals i-FACTOR bone graft use more than doubles fusion rate when compared to use of allograft in lumbar surgery

Level 1 evidence, presented at EUROSPINE 2018 in Barcelona, Spain, demonstrates that i-FACTOR peptide enhanced bone graft results in significantly higher rates of fusion in uninstrumented lumbar spinal surgery than does the use of allograft. Michael...

Refining and defining outcome measures in spine surgery

 Philip Sell (Leicester and Nottingham, UK) tells Spinal News International that as the field of spine surgery evolves from using generic to more specific outcome measures, he would be delighted to see a move away from surrogate outcome...

Eurospine 2018

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