HRS 2019: No “home run superiority” for His-CRT compared with biventricular pacing

Roderick Tung (Chicago, USA) talks to BLearning Cardio about the results of the His-SYNC trial which he presented at HRS 2019. The His-SYNC trial set out to compare the effectiveness His bundle pacing compared with biventricular pacing as first-line...

HRS 2019: Rotational TLE can be used “as a first-line tool in any patient for lead management”

Christoph Starck (Berlin, Germany) and Saumya Sharma (Houston, USA) discuss the benefits of using rotational transvenous lead extraction (TLE) tools. Starck and Sharma note that the safety profile of the devices is “compelling” and that they are...

REAFFIRM trial data shows no significant difference between rotor ablation and conventional therapy

Johannes Brachmann (Coburg, Germany) speaks to Cardiac Rhythm News at HRS 2019 about the REAFFIRM trial, which compared the use of rotor ablation vs. conventional ablation when treating patients with persistent atrial fibrillation. Brachmann...

HRS 2019

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