Geniculate artery embolization potentially a “game-changer” for patients with knee osteoarthritis

There is a huge group of knee osteoarthritis patients in whom conservative therapy fails. Yet, many of these patients are not candidates for joint replacement. If proven to have long-term benefits, geniculate artery embolization—a minimally invasive procedure performed in about an hour, under local anaesthesia—could help fill the gaps in the treatment paradigm and have a profound effect on the quality of life of these patients, Mark Little (Reading, UK) tells BLearning IR at the first Embolotherapy (ET) conference in Valencia, Spain.

Little, Mark

Professor Little is a Consultant Diagnostic and Interventional Radiologist at Royal Berkshire NHS Foundation Trust, and visiting Professor at University of Reading. After qualifying with distinction from medical school, he trained in medicine and surgery in Cambridge, before being awarded the highly regarded National Institute for Health Research (NIHR) Academic Clinical Fellowship (ACF) in Clinical Radiology at Oxford. Prof. Little is a specialist in all aspects of interventional radiology, having completed the interventional radiology fellowship at Oxford. Prof. Little is passionate about research, and his main area of interest is Embolotherapy. Two highlights from his ongoing research portfolio are being the Chief Investigator for PROstate, an international PAE trial investigating long term outcomes, and leading the GENESIS study, which is the first European study investigating the role of GAE in mild to moderate knee OA.

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