Global Vascular Guidelines a ‘huge collaborative achievement’

Philippe Kolh (Liege, Belgium) talks to BLearning Peripheral at ESVS 2019 (European Society for Vascular Surgery; 24–27 September; Hamburg, Germany) how the European Society for Vascular Surgery’s (ESVS) plans to disseminate the recently published Global Vascular Guidelines for Chronic Limb Threatening Ischaemia (CLTI).

Kolh says the main goal of these guidelines is to replace the former TASC document. The focus, notes Kolh is to “change the way we think” and “use these guidelines to treat our CLTI patients”.

The guidelines were presented at a full session at ESVS 2019 and Kolh believes that it is “important” to disseminate the guidelines at “as many meetings as possible”. Kolh adds that the ESVS has also recently launched an ESVS guidelines app that “we hope physicians will use by the patient’s bedside”.

Kolh goes on to discuss the importance of the ESVS’ relationship with the national societies and explains that the guidelines have been developed through a joint collaboration between the SVS, the ESVS and the World Federation of Vascular Societies.

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Kolh, Philippe

Philippe Kolh is Professor and CIO at the University of Liège and University Hospital of Liège.

He is Editor-in-Chief of the European Journal of Vascular and EndoVascular Surgery, Associate Editor of the European Journal of Cardio-Thoracic Surgery, and Associate Editor of the Journal of Applied Informatics.

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