SeQure® microcatheter could help to make embolisation more secure

Geert Maleux (Leuven, Belgium), one of the first users of the SeQure® reflux control microcatheter (Guerbet) in Europe, shares his experience with the new device. He tells BLearning IR that the current challenges of embolotherapy include incomplete...

CIRSE 2019: Five-year results from real-world study do not show increased mortality for claudicants treated with DCB

Konstantinos Donas (Münster, Germany) reported five-year data from a single-centre, retrospective study with 238 patients in the first CIRSE session. The long-term, real-world dataset showed no increased mortality for the matched patients who...

More trained interventionalists needed to treat stroke “on the spot”

Nick Hopkins (Buffalo, USA) talks to BLearning Neuro at VEITH Symposium 2018 (13–17 November 2018, New York, USA) about the DAWN trial, which showed that in carefully selected acute ischaemic stroke patients that “intervention out to 24 hours is...

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