Look carefully at the types of patients being operated on for lumbar spinal stenosis

Factors characterising an indication for surgery in lumbar spinal stenosis

Outcomes following surgery for spinal stenosis present great variability, suggesting that patient selection could be improved. Anne Mannion (Senior Research Fellow, Spine Centre, Schulthess Klinik, Zürich, Switzerland) tells Spinal News International about a study that set out to evaluate, in a comprehensive multivariable model, the baseline characteristics that distinguish patients with an indication for surgery from those with no such indication. The data were extracted from the database of the Lumbar Spinal Stenosis Outcomes Study (LSOS).

Mannion, Anne

Anne is a Basic Scientist, her main focus is now Outcomes Research.
She has a total of 135 papers listed in Pubmed, and has an h-index of 35. She has served on various EUROSPINE committees and is currently a member of the Spine Tango Committee.

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