Lutonix Global AV Registry: DCB use prolongs time to reintervention in failing arteriovenous access

Tobias Steinke (Dusseldorf, Germany) reported on the Lutonix Global arteriovenous (AV) Registry at CIRSE 2018 in Lisbon, Portugal. Lutonix Global AV Registry data add to real-world outcomes of using Lutonix DCB in AV access.

Straight after the presentation, Steinke tells Interventional News about the promising results achieved with the Lutonix AV drug-coated balloon (DCB) in extending the intervention-free interval for patients and about how the results stack up against the results of the Lutonix investigational device exemption (IDE) trial. In the registry data, the target lesion primary patency achieved with the DCB at six-months is around 75%.

The Lutonix Global AV Registry is a prospective, multicentre, single-arm registry investigating the clinical use and safety of BD’s Lutonix (DCB) for the treatment of dysfunctional (AV) fistulas and grafts. Enrolled patients are treated with the Lutonix DCB and followed clinically for a year.

Steinke, Tobias

Dr Tobias Steinke is a vascular and endovascular surgeon, and is head of department at the Vascular Centre in the Schoen Clinic in Düsseldorf (Germany). The centre specialises in angiology and vascular surgery

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