News from CX 2019: Evidence supports safety of paclitaxel-coated devices

At the Charing Cross International Symposium, Gary Ansel (Columbus, Ohio) moderates a global panel that includes Thomas Albrecht (Berlin, Germany), Peter Schneider (San Francisco, USA) and Eric Secemsky (Boston, USA). The panel outlines the value of paclitaxel devices in the treatment of peripheral arterial disease patients; examines new evidence on the safety of paclitaxel devices; and determines where the vascular community goes from here.

Albrecht reports on the findings of a pooled analysis of four randomised controlled trials that ultimately showed no correlation between mortality and paclitaxel, while Secemsky discusses real-word data that showed no difference in survival for drug-coated devices vs. non-drug devices.

The panel comments on future steps including the planned independent patient-level meta-analysis of pooled data from the US randomised controlled trials by the VIVA group.

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Ansel, Gary

Ansel, Gary

During his 30-year career, Ansel has published numerous articles on femoral artery disease, critical limb ischemia and, most recently, drug-coated balloons, as well as other topics in vascular intervention. He has been a primary investigator on numerous cutting-edge trials and has presented on behalf of many technologies to the FDA and the CMS. Ansel is also a founding board member of VIVA Physicians.

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