VEITH 2019: Paclitaxel controversy propels innovation in endovascular BTK treatment

Juan Granada (New York, USA) chats to Sahil Parikh (New York, USA) for VEITHtv about below-the-knee (BTK) intervention and innovation and how the paclitaxel controversy has influenced the treatment of BTK disease.

Parikh says: “Frankly there is a lot of dampened enthusiasm” about the use of paclitaxel for drug delivery below the knee and that “if there is any good that came from this controversy is that it has stimulated innovation”. Granada agrees, noting that the field is “wide open” for the development of alternative therapeutic solutions.

The duo also discuss the benefits of stents/scaffolds compared with balloons with Granada noting that recent data suggests stents/scaffolds may have the edge. Scaffolds are “intrinsically and intuitively attractive” says Parikh, adding however that many physicians, including himself, are reluctant are to stent below the mid-level of the calf.

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