Randomised controlled study of EVLA and Foam in the SSV-a study from SFP (Fovelass Study) – Tuesday, 24th April

Claudine Hamel-Desnos, CX 2018

Hamel-Desnos, Claudine

Dr Claudine Hamel-Desnos is a vascular physician in the Department of Vascular Medicine and Surgery at the Saint Martin Private Hospital in Caen in Normandy, France. Her main field of interest is phlebology, and she is the President of the French Society of Phlebology, and a member of the Multidisciplinary Joint Committee of Phlebology, and of the Bureau of the European Board of Phlebology for the European Union of Medical Specialists (UEMS). She initiated the first randomised controlled study to compare liquid and foam sclerotherapy in the treatment of the great saphenous veins, the results of which were published in 2003. She has also published extensively in French and English on endovenous treatments, mainly foam sclerotherapy and thermal ablation

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