SIR 2019: Mixed reality will be “the future” for interventional physicians

The use of mixed reality will enable interventionists to see 3D anatomy ‘in 3D’, as a hologram (as opposed to on a 2D screen). “Having holography that I can reach out, grab and move around like a virtual object is going to be amazing as we get to do new interventions,” says Atul Gupta (Philadelphia, USA), an interventional radiologist and chief medical officer of Philips Image-Guided Therapy.

Gupta spoke to Interventional News at SIR 2019 after a session on virtual reality and mixed reality.

Gupta, Atul

Global Chief Medical Officer at Philips IGT, and actively practicing physician with over 20 years experience in medical leadership, minimally invasive interventional procedures and diagnostic radiology, image guided therapy innovation and new product development.

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