SVS VQI data being “fortified” to shed light on long-term paclitaxel device use in the periphery

Kim Hodgson (Springfield, USA), president of the Society for Vascular Surgery for 2019–20 spoke to Vascular News at the organisation’s Vascular Annual Meeting in June to share the most influential data to have emerged from the Vascular Quality Initiative. He says the organisation’s Paclitaxel Task Force is working with “granular and robust” long-term data from the VQI to further fortify it, in order to shed light on the ongoing controversy regarding the potential raised mortality risk associated with the use of paclitaxel devices in the periphery.

Hodgson, Kim

Kim J Hodgson, MD is Professor and Chairman of the Division of Vascular Surgery at Southern Illinois University and President of the Society for Vascular Surgery (2019/20). He served as President of the Society for Clinical Vascular Surgery in 2004. His academic and research interests have focused on the development of endoluminal therapies for vascular disease.

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