Transcatheter intervention can address “unmet need” in treatment of tricuspid valve disease

Scott Lim (Charlottesville, USA) talks to BLearning Cardio at PCR London Valves 2019 (17–19 November, 2019; London, UK) about the challenges associated with transcatheter tricuspid valve intervention.

Lim explains that the patient population with tricuspid regurgitation is very heterogeneous, and so there is a need for a wider range of therapies that can be “individualised” depending on the patient. He also touches on some of the main challenges facing tricuspid intervention, including “offline imaging”, compared to the aortic and mitral valves. Lim notes that physician understanding is still at “a rudimentary stage”, highlighting that this has an “adverse impact” on the ability to provide therapies for the tricuspid valve.

He also discusses current therapies used to treat tricuspid valve disease, adding however that he believes there is “a big unmet need” for novel therapies such as transcatheter intervention.

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Lim, Scott

Lim, Scott

Scott Lim is medical director of the UVA Advanced Cardiac Valve Center and is noted internationally for his expertise in novel percutaneous approaches to heart valve disease. He specializes in children and adults with congenital heart disease. Dr. Lim is also the co-director of the Adult Congenital Heart Disease Center at UVA.

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