VEITH 2019: Tackling dehydration has a “tremendous impact” when treating claudication patients

Enrico Ascher (New York, USA) interviews Juan Parodi (Buenos Aires, Argentina) for VEITHtv at VEITHsymposium 2019 (19–23 November, New York, USA), about his research on claudication therapy. Parodi explains how he was able to...

BASS 2019: Robotics will transform “state-of-the-art” in spine surgery

Nicholas Theodore (Baltimore, USA) talks to Spinal News International about the benefits of robotics technology in spinal surgery including reducing radiation exposure to surgeons, improving accuracy and precision and ultimately allowing patients to...

First-in-human results show no transcaval-related bleeding after TAVR with novel closure device

Toby Rogers (Washington,DC, USA) tells Cardiovascular News at that preliminary feasibility data from 12 patients reveals that use of a dedicated closure device for the aorta after transcaval TAVR has “eliminated” transcaval-related bleeding...


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