VEITH 2019: Vessel preparation “is the key to success” when using drug-eluting technology

Larry Scher (New York, USA) interviews John Aruny (Orangeburg, USA) and Stephen Hohmann (Dallas, USA) for VEITHtv at VEITHsymposium 2019 (19–23 November, New York, USA) about the use of drug-eluting devices in contemporary haemodialysis access practice.

Scher says the topic is itself “controversial” as the use of drug-eluting stents and balloons in the lower extremities has suggested an increased mortality risk. 

Aruny says the initial results of drug-eluting trials were “exciting” and showed improved patency but that the mortality signal has meant the field is “operating under a bit of a cloud”. He adds that it is important now to have separate trials that look at the use of drug-eluting devices in haemodialysis patients.

Hohmann adds that a big focus at the moment relates to “cost” and if drug-coated balloons could decrease the number of interventions it would be “a game-changer” in this regard. Both Aruny and Hohmann recognise the potential of the practice and argue that vessel preparation is the “key to success” in using drug-eluting technology. 

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