VSASM 2019: “Extreme care” needed not to overgeneralise when creating AAA guidelines using RCT data

Jan Blankensteijn (Amsterdam, Netherlands) talks to BLearning Aortic at VSASM 2019 (Vascular Societies’ Annual Scientific Meeting; 27–29 November, Manchester, UK) following his Kinmonth Lecture presentation titled ‘The current status of...

VEITH 2019: Fiber Optic RealShape (FORS) technology could spark a new era in image-guided therapy

Joost van Herwaarden (Utrecht, The Netherlands) and Tilo Kölbel (Hamburg, Germany) discuss the current challenges of image-guided therapy—primarily regarding the limiting factor of having 2D imaging of a 3D environment, including of the intra-body...

EVAR before, and EVAR after: VEITH TV looks back with the pioneers

Enrico Ascher (New York, USA) interviews endovascular pioneers Juan Parodi (Buenos Aires, Argentina) and Frank Veith (New York, USA) about the early days of endovascular aortic repair (EVAR) for VEITHtv. While Parodi recounts his early quest for a...

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