Physicians “must weigh long-term outcomes” against “short-term benefits” for aortic repair devices

Enrico Ascher (New York, USA) interviews Mark Farber (Chapel Hill, USA) for VEITHtv at VEITHsymposium 2019 (19–23 November, New York, USA) about the differences between off-the-shelf (OTS) devices and custom manufactured devices (CMD) for complex...

High-quality evidence from multiple sources “key” to holistic assessment of endograft performance

Matt Thompson (Irvine, USA) talks to VEITHtv about his role, as chief medical officer at Endologix, in assessing the diverse portfolio of endografts and their performance. Thompson notes that because different endograft designs have different...

Trials needed to assess whether metformin impedes aneurysm progression in non-diabetic patients

Ronald Dalman (Stanford, USA) and Kak Khee Yeung (Amsterdam, The Netherlands) talk to VEITHtv at the VEITHsymposium 2019 (19–23 November, New York, USA) about how the use of metformin may help suppress the progression of abdominal aortic aneurysms...

Aortic Interviews

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