Michel Makaroun discusses why the CX Symposium is a “special meeting”

Roger Greenhalgh (London, UK) speaks to former president of the SVS (2018–2019) Michel Makaroun (Pittsburgh, USA) about the CX Symposium which Makaroun says “always has a special flavour” and is “a special meeting”. Makaroun also touches on some of...

Long-term partnership helps drive CX Symposium forward

Roger Greenhalgh (London, UK) and W L Gore’s Michael Koenke (Flagstaff, USA), take a look back at the history of the Charing Cross Symposium (CX), which began in 1978. Koenke says that CX is a “special meeting for us”, adding that it is an...

LINC 2020: XTOSI study interim findings suggest “highly promising” safety and efficacy of sirolimus DCB

Edward Choke (Singapore) talks to BLearning Peripheral at LINC 2020 (Leipzig Interventional Course; 28–31 January 2020, Leipzig, Germany) about the first-in-man clinical study—XTOSI—which looked at the safety and efficacy of a sirolimus...

Peripheral Interviews

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