VLF 2019: “We learnt a lot more about paclitaxel”

Gary Ansel (Columbus, USA) gives Vascular News a summary from VLF 2019 on the main points that were covered at the forum organised by the VIVA physicians. Key takeaways included “a lot more” information on paclitaxel and examining the pattern of cause-of-death in people with peripheral arterial disease. Ansel also spoke about how the addition of data from drug-eluting stent trials could have contaminated the data in the Katsanos meta-analysis, the importance of informed consent and rapidly collecting individual patient-level data for further analysis.

Ansel, Gary

During his 30-year career, Ansel has published numerous articles on femoral artery disease, critical limb ischemia and, most recently, drug-coated balloons, as well as other topics in vascular intervention. He has been a primary investigator on numerous cutting-edge trials and has presented on behalf of many technologies to the FDA and the CMS. Ansel is also a founding board member of VIVA Physicians.

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